Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beat Again


  1. you know?
    at first I was a little like
    "awh shit, a boy band?"
    but I think you guys can make it really awesome, the more I listen to it.
    good luck, guys!
    shawn, thanks for letting me freak out at you by the swan boats in Boston.
    it pretty much made my year.

  2. Sara- that was cute. My friend Bear was impressed that someone in Boston had heard of my band, so I should be thanking you.

    This JLS song has extreme cheese sauce potential, but me and Jake are on to it. Not gonna bop around a similar tempo this time... going for a bit of a haunt instead.
    It's fun to find the personal appeal in these tracks which I really wouldn't otherwise listen to at all. This one I can feel the melody, but the attitude isn't so genuine. Making a "heart" chorus ditch cliche? Anything is possible...

  3. y'all gonna do a video and learn those dance moves? :)

    but nah, i'm really looking forward to the song as well.