Friday, August 28, 2009


Hi All,

If you have internetting skillz and are ever bored, please help us post our weekly covers around the net? There are a million places the songs (or word of them) can be sent/posted, since the originals are unavoidable, really--
start where?
your facebook
facebook of the covered band/singer
facebook of bands that you think our jam sounds kinda like
facebook fansites of all of the above
ditto of all above for myspace
ditto of all above for blogs (search to find relevant blogs)
lastfm sites, and the like

thanks a million

our constant links are

Shawn and Jake


  1. Worrrrd. The Taylor Swift cover might just be the one to really take off. I reckon that vid's YouTube gold.

  2. Yes, i agree, not only is the song but the video is pure youtube gold!!! I already started a campaign for maniac on a social site and so far its small but i'm starting little contests for the sites currency that u buy lil goodies with so hopefully it will take off just like the band lol