Tuesday, August 4, 2009

To Shawn, from your hairy godmother.


  1. This and the last vlog- don't know whether to be amazed or afraid. Haha... is this what we can expect from Maniac's live show?

  2. combine the fairy wings with the silver dazzle pants and we have a winner

  3. all I have to say is I love the fact that you made the video player pink to match your outfit. You're fabulous.

  4. Damn near the sexiest thing I have ever seen.

  5. WOW, I wish I was more in tune with such vibes haha
    Do you guys know how amazing you could make the already amazing Lady GaGa?!
    JLS is catchy, but I believe a greater challenge is in order, no?
    Seriously, Maniac doing Paparazzi would be the ultimate dressup fun for you two, you could kill that shit!
    Gaga's in the #2's in various lists, and I know the blog is #1thisweek, but ain't no shame in second is there?

  6. Lady GaGa please...I agree she is so amazing.

    But I would like to see Maniac do Poker Face because I want to hear them do the Ma ma ma ma part LOL